Release 0.31.7 Lots of bugfixes and one new feature!

A project log for BowlerStudio: A robotics development platform

Make cooler robots, faster and with less effort.

kevin-harringtonKevin Harrington 06/21/2019 at 16:500 Comments

I spent the week doing bigfixes on BowlerStudio!

The big ones fixed:

* Re-docking windows sometimes results in frozen text windows

* Cold-start on windows was buggy

* Slide bars for robot link limits is MUCH improved

* Adding files to empty repos works now

* Git pull, and update repos menu item, now work

* Dropped the OpenCV deps, makes cross platform easier and binaries smaller

New Features:

* A workspace menu, populated with the 15 most recently used Git repos

* Bundled JVM on windows and Macos, no more separate Java dependency!

* Ubuntu 18.04 PPA