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Home brew head mounted display/virtual reality hacking project.

j0nnoj0nno 06/26/2015 at 04:340 Comments

The headset I'll be prototyping with arrived today. It set me back $29 and honestly I should have just prototyped with the Google cardboard print out design in the spirit of keeping the project DIY and cheap, but I'm pretty happy with it regardless. It's ergonomic, allows for slight lenses distance adjustment, looks pretty cool and the lenses that are already in it (30 or 40mm condenser lenses I believe) work perfectly - for my eyes at least - running the TrinusVR app on my 3.5" Samsung Android (besides the fact the screen is tiny and hence the resolution is shit).

Ordered the LCD display + controller board in the early hours of this morning, expecting them to arrive next week. Already have all the resistors, IR LED's and assorted electronic components, just need to order/source a PS3 Eye.