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A project log for ESP8266 Parasite

A development board built to be able to go inside another project to enable wifi control

unfoundbugunfoundbug 07/17/2015 at 09:560 Comments

Well, I seem to be having an issue at the moment, now that the control software is close to completion I can actually send data to the ESP at a higher data rate (about 90KB/s) and there seems to be an issue, this will run fine for a variable length of time and at that point, the ESP seems to experience a partial crash. The socket is left open on the ESP side, and the control program then sees communication timeouts. No further interaction can be seen from that port on the ESP. The strange bit happens after, the timer I have running to kick out broadcast packets the controller listens for still work. Even though the socket for main transfer is dead and appears to have had an exception, the rest of the program carries on