​Development Day 40

A project log for Arduino Enigma Machine Simulator

An Enigma Machine Simulator was created with an Arduino UNO and a Touchscreen LCD. Simulates Enigma I, M3, M4, the Plugboard and Uhr Switch.

Arduino EnigmaArduino Enigma 08/11/2015 at 22:150 Comments

Development Day 40

Fixed bug in double stepping, double stepping is not restricted by position of rightmost wheel, eliminated conditions.Test cases: 1,2,3 ADU,ADV,AEW,BFX 6,7,8 YYY YYZ YZA ZAB LLL LLM LMN MNO AZY BAZ BBA BBB NML ONM OON OOO ZZX AAY AAZ ABA MMK NNL NNN NON AYZ AZA BAB NLM NMN ONO

-reflector can be changed, A->B->C->Bd->Cd

-machine closing logic & greek rotor placement logic now work with all reflectors

-changed uhr display from 0..9 to double digits 00..09

-eliminated flicker from uhr digit display

-plugs are now stored in the order they are entered. This order is important for Uhr calculations

-eliminated flicker from flat rotor 1st digit display

-fixed bug where uhr digit would not erase after flicker logic was added