Even if I was, I am and forever will be an Atari fan, I could not let this Amiga 500 in its genuine box with working PSU on the curb and ready to go for destruction.... It would have been inhuman... So I put it into the trunk of my car and later started to think about what I could do with it since I had no Amiga floppy disc. The best thing to do seemed to buy a Gotek disc emulator to replace the old floppy discs. The trick is I did not want to make any irreversible modification. So this is the result of this Amigadventure.

You can find more detail regarding gotek floppy emulator for amiga. You can also get a gotek interface already flashed for amiga.

I took a longer strip cable than the original one and I took away the disc drive (I kept everything in a plastic bag...every single screw is in it).

Then I took a usb extension cable, cutted it in two, soldered it on the gotek pcb card. the gotek casing was cut with a dremel in order to fit the A500 casing. Also, the usb connector was secured inside the Gotek casing with hot glue.

(I was very lucky since the floppy drive eject button cutoff has the same size than the female usb connector !)

I did the same with the selection switch buttons but they remain in a 3D printed casing, where the lcd is secured as well. The only remaing issue was to make this 3D printed casing steady on the amiga. I made two 3D printed rails that fit in the A500 casing strips. Once in place i put glue on the top of the rail then placed the 3d printed module control. Now, thanks to those rails, the module control can stay clipped on the amiga enclosure or being removed, replaced anytime.

By the way I bought a new 32gigs usb key (a tiny sized one) and filled it with games.

It works great! With the switches, one can choose among the 999 software banks. The banks content can be changed anytime when booting from bank 000 (then the "Cortex" Firmware starts and you can select the games to be placed in the banks).