Hardware is working (and new charts!)

A project log for Unconventional Instrument Ochestra

using hardware like floppy drives and 3D printers together to play any MIDI file

laurensweynlaurens.weyn 09/19/2015 at 13:110 Comments

All 8 floppy drives, 2 HDDs and the 3D printer are now operational! Unfortunately, I haven't gotten the doorbell working yet due to some electrical problems (3.3V micro providing PWM to my terribly designed driver circuit isn't working out too well), and I probably won't get it working until later. I haven't given up, I just have more important features to get working first.

Anyway, the orchestra currently looks like this:

It took me a while to find a place where I could put all those floppies and still have their read heads visible on camera. I settled on this layout. The PSU has more than enough power to run everything in that picture at full load at the same time, which is perfect. Each drive is now labeled on the underside so I can remember which is wired to what channel (or what it's supposed to be wired to, anyway)

I've also re-done the frequency response graph, testing my overhauled controller code and giving me some useful info. I also decided to chart the printer's axes, because why not. Note that this graph isn't fully accurate, any dogs that decided to bark during a specific subtest will show up on here as well, and this is loudness heard from where the mic stands, meaning while drive 1 and 5 might actually sound exactly the same, drive 5 would show up as louder since it's closer to the mic.

Again, lots of interesting stuff to note here, but with this many drives on the same graph it's a little hard to read. F1-F8 are the floppies, with F1-F5 being the bottom row from right to left and F6-F8 being the top row, P1-P3 is the printer. Cool, right?

Now just 2 more major features in my orchestra controllers, some finishing touches and it'll be ready to play songs better than ever!