More schematic, PCB, and component changes

A project log for GPS Receiver for Nikon D3100 Cameras

An inexpensive and more accurate GPS receiver accessory for Nikon D3100 (and compatible) cameras.

Kevin 09/12/2015 at 03:470 Comments

Yesterday I said I was thinking of switching the positions of C1 and IC1. I wanted to get C1 closer to the power supply traces. It didn't take too long to move the parts and redo the traces in that area of the board. The datasheet for the voltage regulator recommends the use of a capacitor on the input line when the circuit is powered by a battery. Another round of updating the schematic, PCB, and components list. Fortunately I only had to move a couple of parts on the PCB to make room for the extra capacitor near the voltage regulator.

I also spent a little time cleaning up the running of the ground traces so they radiate out from P2. I now feel a lot better about the board layout. I still have a few footprints to adjust but that won't involve any more changes to the PCB traces. All the board changes resulted in my having to add two extra vias. Not too bad when you consider the board only has four vias in total. The PCB work is almost complete and it will soon be ready to be sent out to be made.