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charliexcharliex 07/15/2015 at 19:101 Comment

After a crazzeee work week where I ended up the las vegas NBA summer season doing a shoot, which was bizarre experience for me, my first stadium/sports experience, i've got a few hours to do some work on my OX build.

My TinyG arrived, I'm using it over the the smoothieboard, which i do really like because ethernet and not USB, but the TinyG apparently has some better motion control recommended to me by @Ben Delarre and it seems to be able to handle more amperage per coil. I do have a not yet very far along project to port TinyG edge to the smoothieboard, since i really dislike USB, ethernet is so much better.

Wired up the TinyG to a 24V Power supply.

I also picked up some track from amazon, its a tad bigger than I needed, but it'll work.

Soldering up extension wires for the steppers, these will run inside the track.

tie wraps til i figure out where it all goes

ended up a little short here, can just add another.

so while wiring up the two steppers for one side of the X (now realising i missed the other X motor) and the Z i was moving it back and forth and thinking hmm while the strange resistance, of course since i was adding one piece of 4 conductor wire to the same place, i just soldered one motor to one end, then other motor to the other end of the wire then i'd pull them through and cut the wires. Of course that meant one motor was feeding the other....

Now to go back and add the other X motor...tie wraps!


Ben Delarre wrote 07/15/2015 at 19:25 point

Looking good @charliex!

I do love my TinyG, and @riley porter provides great support if you have any issues.

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