The LNA can be powered in multiple ways:

  • power injected through the SMA output connector from an external bias tee
  • self-powered with unregulated DC through the 2.1mm DC jack and on board regulator
  • regulated DC into the 2.1mm jack without using the on board regulator

Along with the external bias tee this allows this LNA to be adjusted to different receiver and antenna setups.

Both the LNA and bias tee use the same PCBs for the front and back panels of the enclosures. Apparently those are still in transit although according to DirtyPCBs they have been shipped all on the same day.

Initial testing has been successful altough I need an FM trap to get rid of the strong FM broadcast stations in my area because they cause the receivers front end to overload, resulting in images of the FM broadcasts in any band the SDR is tuned to.