New Lib = Stupidly Fast Draw Speed

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The Tick Tock Timer is a School Bell timer packed with features

jasper-parkerJasper parker 04/03/2017 at 14:570 Comments

After updating the firmwares ili9341 LCD display library to Adafruits latest release I was please to discover a nice 25% draw speed increase!!! But that was just the beginning....

The test I was using was the timers main screen draw which was taking 560ms to draw, brought down to just 450ms with the library updates. I was really pleased with that!


I decided to hunt around for any new developments for the ESP8266/SPI/ili9341 and discovered an ABSOLUTE GAME CHANGER.

Its called TFT_eSPI >

Its a SUPER CHARGED version remake of the Adafruit driver.

After compiling this into the Tick Tock Timer firmware the main screen now draws in just 76ms and is looks as instant as your smart phone.

Thats over a 700% increase in draw speed...outstanding.

Anyone who has worked with arduino/esp and all the cheap LCDs that go with that know screen draws are quite slow, but you just live with it. This driver changes all of that.

This really opens up the ESP8266 / ili9341 to the possibility of some decent Wifi Enabled EmBedGames-BoyDuinO style projects.

I really encourage anyone with the hardware to download the library and be blown away by the draw speed, just check out some of the examples included!