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A project log for Tick Tock Timer

The Tick Tock Timer is a School Bell timer packed with features

jasper-parkerJasper parker 09/16/2017 at 03:510 Comments

The most requested features from customers has been a way to use the timer with a smart phone and PC.

After considering development times for iPhone/Android/Windows apps I decided a small light weight responsive webgui would be the best cross platform solution.

In developing the WebGui I came accross the following challenges

 - Running out of RAM on the ESP8266

 - Bugs in the Web Server Library

I ended up having to modify the WebServer library to get Chunked Encoding to work properly as serving up the webgui using a traditional HTML transfer with a Content-length entry in the header was not possible, causing End Of Heap RAM reboots not matter what I did.

I really felt I was running the little ESP past its limits however after many many hours of work I have a stable responsive webGui being served up from the Tick Tock Timer.

--This functionality is now available though OTA firmware update--

The WebGUI supports the following

Interface designed using Boot Strap and Pingendo.