UART RX Timing board done

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After the apocalypse we have to build computers from stuff we can make at home, I.E Transistors, diodes and resistors.

matsengmatseng 07/16/2015 at 15:090 Comments
The UART Receiver timing board is now completed, but I haven't tested/debugged the logic part in real life yet. It works just fine in LTspice, and the individual modules tested ok, so unless there's any soldering errors I expect it to work.

The board holds nine comparators, one ramp generator, one glitch detector and six NAND gates used connected as flip-flops to control the logic and sequencing.

The connector at left of the PCB

At the right site there's the connector to the D-latch board

This is a modular view of the receiver (the LATCH-part is on a separate board)

Before the logic wiring - beautiful (or at least ok)

After the logic wiring - messy indeed