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PVC pipe portable sun tracking solar mount

tztz 07/19/2015 at 22:260 Comments

Got the solar panels from Amazon, and some thin walled "one inch" PVC pipe, a section of 1-1/4", and various couplers, tees, crosses, elbows, etc.

The result is in the gallery. Self-tapping screws were used to attach the panels to the pipe (they flex so need support).

I might need to stiffen it or add some Kevlar thread to avoid the little bit of sag, but it works so far.

The central cross (could have been a T but I might put the actuator on top) has friction to each side to hold the solar angle (which only needs to be adjusted every few days at most), but going downward is a thick walled 1" PVC pipe that fits loosely inside the 1-1/4 so as to be the axle for the day rotation.

Next step is the tracker. Dollar Tree has "solar lights" (for $1 each) with a 1"x1" amorphous solar cell that should make a good sensor, and I have a number of AVRs but will probably use a Pololu A-Star and a battery powered (reversible) screwdriver.