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PDP-11 compatible motherboard in mini-ITX form factor

SHAOSSHAOS 05/05/2018 at 15:380 Comments

I added board templates here and at GitHub repository (moved to GitLab in June 2018)

it's full size board with height 70mm to make sure it fits under the power supply in mini-ITX computer case. Schematics have just header in it and nothing else:

Shorter version, that use only Q-bus part of BBQ-bus+ interface (and fits into limits of Eagle v5 free edition):


Here you need to do address latch on your own, but PCB might be much smaller.

Also in both cases if you don't use DMA or interrupts then you should connect BDMGI to BDMGO and BIAKI to BIAKO to make sure those daisy chains are keep functioning for the next boards connected to backplane after your board.