Health Monitoring using Android via Wireless

This project using arduino Uno R3, arduino Wi-Fi shield embedded with a temperature sensor MLX90614. Temp monitor using my own Android app

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This project purposely for private monitoring human temperature (Home or Hospital) anywhere and anytime by connecting through wireless or Access point. Temboo cloud server is used including Google drive. This temperature data transferred wireless using internet into Google Spreadsheet. Using my own Andoroid application, it can monitoring by showing notification and graph on its temperature data. The alert notification(Hypotamia/hyperthermia) send using Twilio API which directly send into specified phone number to their inbox.

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Tony wrote 12/06/2016 at 16:35 point

Great idea and thanks for sharing it!

Can you share the hardware and more details?

I'm planing to make a BODY SENSOR that will monitor many sensors, including body temperature, humidity, oxygen ... in several places,  and saves the data.

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