Color filtering B/W CRT

A project log for (VFD) Panel-filter

Remove the backlight from an LCD and use it as a selective-color-filter for various instruments and a VFD!

Eric HertzEric Hertz 05/12/2021 at 03:240 Comments

Yes! Second time I've watched this in a couple years,  each time sorta-inspired, with no idea what to do with it... but 10fps isn't /horrible/, so a pi's composite-out and some sync logic could prb get similar going with e.g. a camcorder's tiny viewfinder CRT... throw that on the ol' artist's rendition control/display panel. Or maybe even an old portable B/W TV around 4-5in....

Or maybe some hackery could bump up framerates, or maybe Black/OneColor is just as good, varying with the image... e.g. a simulated nimo tube with low values in green and high values in red....

I still wanna do this display/filter someday...

EDIT: LOL I already had a CRT in the artist's rendition... with an old oscilloscope, duh.