update 3: framebuffer? + lots of apps possible now!

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An Arduino Zero compatible open source smartwatch

Ramon SchepersRamon Schepers 07/25/2015 at 09:410 Comments

ii have looked into creating a framebuffer for the zerowatch, and calculated the RAM usage it would take

128*128 pixels *8bit depth (8 bit unsinged int, aka 256 colors) = 16 kilobytes of RAM

128*128 pixels *16bit depth (16 bit unsinged int, aka 65535 colors) = 32 kilobytes of RAM

fun fact: the 256 colors (8bits) is a;ready half of the mcu's RAM on it's own where 16bit depth consumes all of the mcu's RAM!
so there will be no framebuffer on zerowatch sadly...

however, if you want to, you can implement a 8bit depth one, but you'll have to lower the app RAM buffer to about 4 kb.

perhaps change somewhere in the future to a mcu with more RAM (perhaps an STM32f411)?

aside from that, i have started working on having multiple pages of apps in the shell, instead of one page max.
this allows up to 100's of apps on the system (if you can fit them into the flash ;) )!