Pivot to wearables

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AVR Simulator

Blake W. FordBlake W. Ford 07/31/2015 at 01:060 Comments

So I have added some support for the ATtiny85. Given my previous experimentation, the maximum CPU frequency I can reasonably emulate with the code seems best suited to the wearable crowd. As such I am also piloting a new Android layout based on the Gemma. Over time I would like to see the code tailored for individual projects and included as demos through Play Store apps or supporting webpages. If a wiki exists for your project it should be feasible to include a demo of your code in line with the rest of your HTML.

On that note, I have taken to porting the Buzzing Mindfulness Bracelet to my Android platform.

I am currently having a bit of trouble getting the watchdog timer performance right, thought I was able to add a pleasant buzz effect to the existing framework.