SPI Flasher sub-project spin-off

A project log for WizYasep

LED screen controller over Ethernet... among others ! It's a Wiznet IP controller with a A3P250 FPGA and I/Os.

Yann Guidon / YGDESYann Guidon / YGDES 09/23/2015 at 18:340 Comments

The #WizYasep board uses many tools designed to build the #YASEP project's framework. One of these tools is the #SPI Flasher which now has its own project page here !

In the current revision, this programming tool is required to (re)configure the network parameters (IP address, MAC address, stuff like that) but the next revisions will provide more features such as reconfigurable channel count, or even a "screensaver picture". End users should be able to modifiy these parameters so it's important that they have all the necessary tools and informations.

Of course I can provide the configuration service to inexperienced users but this spin-off lets the tech-savvy customers benefit more from the #WizYasep and adapt it to their own needs easily. The system I use is compact and battery-powered which is desirable and handy for field updates in the wild, it's not just "yet another SPI flasher" but a work tool.

Later generations of the WizYasep will include more and more intelligence, including an embedded web server to remotely change the settings from the comfort of your favorite web browser. But there will always be the need to configure the board's address in the beginning, or "un-brick" in the unlikely event of a mistake.