First shot at a case

A project log for Sol BLE Tracker

Solar powered Bluetooth Low Energy Tracker with beeper and LED to assist in locating it.

DrYerziniaDrYerzinia 08/17/2015 at 08:530 Comments

This was my first attempt at printing the case design. This model is designed to have the collar threaded through it. Its low profile about 4mm thick. The solar cell sets in the cavity's at the top and the board sits in the well below with holes for the buzzer and the micro USB. I haven't figured out what to do with the LED yet it will clearly need some form of light pipe.

The model looks nice but unfortunately my 3D printer is just not up to snuff to print it.

You can see one of the walls is destroyed and its all kinds of messy. I currently have a very limited 3D printer. It has no heated bed, a remote extruder, no extruder fan and there is a space between the knurling bolt and the tube that allows the filament to pinch so I have to be vigilant and push it in with a screwdriver so it keeps feeding to print flexible filament.

I could add a heated bed but I don't think a direct feed extruder is possible with this design, some one correct me if I'm wrong. Right now I'm looking to get a TAZ 4, hopefully I'll have some money for that in the next couple of months.

The case should work If I get it to print right. I'll try again soon.