Settling in with ChiliPeppr and the C-beam

A project log for OpenBuilds C-Beamâ„¢ Machine Build

C-Beam Machine is a CNC machine design based on the popular V-Slot linear guide system.

charliexcharliex 08/29/2015 at 18:460 Comments

So i've been using it for a month or so, and just settling in.

Things i've learnt.

Don't upgrade firmware or serial JSON unless you must (which is a normal thing), I went from a nice working known environment to a frustrating day of trying to get it back to where it was, even after reverting firmware and servers.

Check the saved config file from Chilipeppr, inches (working with an american) save doesn't seem to work well and i used mm, there are rounding errors. The config file i ended up saving had three copies of itself all intermingled and i couldn't get it to reload. Better to note each change and reset to scratch, then enter them in manually with the tinyG commands.

Limit switches on TinyG means the hardware has to be physically reset ( or at least that is all I can find ) which is really annoying when you're dealing with the aforementioned upgrade problems and installing new limit switches (i'll write about that in another log) and the common ground was a wee bit loose, that made me think that it was going into boot loader mode all the time and seemed to be resetting the flash, nope NC mode on the switches and loose common ground = needs hardware reset.

Set machine zero Z vertically above work/G54 zero, bad things happen otherwise especially from Fusion 360.

The little help bubbles that pop up in chillipeppr everywhere are neat, but they can be annoying the will cover up the things you want to see. The feed hold should be bigger and somewhere else, too much going on in that area.

The build plate is just too flexible even with my toolplate mod, it works for a lot of things but once you're on the outer edges it flexes a lot especially on straight rough plunges. So i am definitely looking to improve that.

Hitting << on the GCODE playback after stopping it can make the machine move, didn't expect that.

Some things on chilipeppr remember the settings, some don't (feed rate override)

But so far its just learning the in's and out's i have to say this was the easiest build to put together and fastest to get up and running, pretty happy with it so far. I just cut out a Y axis cover for the G0704 this morning

this bit is not as nice cutter as the one i was using to do the larger plates, but i botched up the order for new 0.125" end mill bits and ended up with yet more router bits for my PCB CNC mill, in all eventuality i'll never run out of those now which for years i'd been just ordering one or two at a time, i decided to go and order 10 packs and get the wrong ones.. :\

The outer edge is a bandsaw cut.