Stickvise Hack (upgrade)

A project log for Full Metal Stickvise

Made my own Stickvise from some pieces of brass and aluminium I found in the cheap scraps at the local metal supplier, and some stock I had.

martijnMartijn 01/29/2018 at 23:291 Comment

My plan for today was to finally repair the power switch on my drill press.

I noticed a discussion on @Alex Rich  's Gooseneck for the stickvise project, and got an idea and a boost to really finish the repair today. More on the drill later, but here's what I envisioned when I saw the Gooseneck project today.

This might have been my fastest idea-to-video ever.


Alex Rich wrote 01/30/2018 at 00:50 point

That is awesome, great idea and thanks for posting man!  I have one of those indicator holders I should try that.  I wish they made them in a smaller form factor though, they are a little bit heavy.

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