Full Proof of Concept

A project log for "Chad" - The NFC Voting System

Using NFC NTAG203 tags as voting tokens

Mike SzczysMike Szczys 12/31/2013 at 17:090 Comments

Days until deadline: 13

I have had a few productive nights of coding and now have a working proof of concept. After arriving home from holiday at in-laws house I was happy to see the NTAG203 samples I had ordered had arrived while I was gone. This is the tag format that will be used in the final project.

Alas, I could find no libraries capable of writing the tags using the PN532 based hardware. And I don't have the time write one myself (maybe I do but fear of missing the deadline prevents me from starting that journey). But there is another solution which came as a shower thought (if you can't figure out your project go take a shower and it'll probably come to you!).

I can't read or write the NDEF messages using the libraries I have availalbe, but I can read the unique hardware identification (UID) of each tag. With this in hand I wrote a program that has a few different user options:

I have implemented all of this as described. Not it's just a matter of a simple physical build: adding an LCD to display instructions and the vote totals, adding a knob to select the different voting options, adding LEDs to indicate which option is currently selected, adding a piezo for audible feedback, and actually building the physical device. This is an afternoon of work at most. Yay!