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Michael RatcliffeMichael Ratcliffe 09/21/2015 at 07:280 Comments

about me: Graduated with a Degree in Mechanical Engineering and a Masters in Electrical Engineering currently finishing my gap year and taking some time to design an automated greenhouse and small allotment type garden to provide a yearlong hassle free supply of food and a test bed for novel nutrient sourcing Aquaponics grow system.

Until the age of 21 I would consider myself a computer-phoebe, using my laptop mainly as a coffee matt, Then I saw a tutor flying a Quadcopter and got hooked! with a lot of help from the tutor [Bob Mackin of Lancaster university] I overcame the phobia and five years later I have automated and optimized many of the time consuming jobs on the farm and house, moving my area of expertise from mechanical engineering to control system engineering [Its much more Fun].

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I am looking for a PhD/Job in automation and control systems, preferably in regard to farming but open to offers. Willing to commute/relocate worldwide for the right position.

Take a look at the website below for CV, Reference and examples of work:

Want to Fund me ? I am in need of the many electronics components [drop me an message].

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