square tubing

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Made with +/-plywood and stainless steel, buy all the parts or none, if you're handy with a hack saw!

Philip AshmorePhilip Ashmore 07/30/2015 at 01:200 Comments

I use threaded rod a lot!

Along with wood it's my go-to material for making all sorts of jigs and prototypes.

It turns out that a local company, Total Stainless, sells stainless steel square tubing, 6m-longX20mm-sideX2mm-thickness, so I bought some to see what jigs I could make with it.

It turns out that you can't really use an angle grinder on this stuff and get a professional quality result, unless you're better with an angle grinder than I am, which I guess isn't that hard.

Anyway, I came across a company called Mac Engineering, and they offered to cut my steel at no charge!

I still had to put some holes into them, again, something I thought I could do on my own.

It turns out that my use of M10 threaded rods including nuts and washers helped conceal some very dodgy holes, wearing out three drill bits in the process!

In my next attempt at "scaling up for production" I forsee a plasma cutter encounter!