new 4 layer mainboard

A project log for Multichannel Audio DSP Field Mixer Recorder

bluetooth app controlled professional portable DSP mixer.balanced audio IO,phantom power,flexible routing,ISO recording. timcode. AVB audio.

ben bilesben biles 11/20/2018 at 17:180 Comments

Version 2 parts soldered :)

more powerful DSP and ARM + memory ( underside )

ADC and DAC cards are now plugin BUSA & BUSB

On board ARM debugger on underside of board.

only 1 x uSD card because I ran out of DMA capable pins on the STM32F7

but have since discovered if I use a different revision of the chip without DSI

there are more pins available for second uSD card for recording redundancy.


SPI is for analogue pre-amp control

BT for BT module

I am now working on DSP mixer design for new DSP chip & firmware

to be done:

redesign analogue back plane for pre amps and driver cards

design the AES3 IO card option

think about what kind of file system I should use for recording. currently FAT