FleaFPGA Uno Pre-production has begun!

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valentin-angelovskiValentin Angelovski 08/10/2015 at 16:400 Comments

Hello again!

After a few distractions, construction and assembly of a batch of FleaFPGA Uno Rev.E1 boards are now underway.

Changes from the previous Rev.D boards:

1.) Fixed some minor issues with my reset and DV out interfaces.

2.) Fixed (ie reversed) the order of the Analog Input channels on the PCB silkscreen layer (D'oh! :-)

3.) Minor cosmetic changes/improvements etc.

Looking at around four weeks before these arrive for testing. This gives me some time to prepare things like code examples as well as user documentation among other things. Thankfully I already have Revision.D boards on-hand that work so I won't be idle.

My next blog will likely focus on upcoming HDL and/or coding examples for my Uno.

Well that's all for now.. stay tuned for further updates and thanks for reading! :-)

Regards Valentin