General project update (and thanks..)

A project log for 'FleaFPGA Uno' Starter board

Valentin AngelovskiValentin Angelovski 11/17/2015 at 13:270 Comments

Hello again :)

So, after a few distractions etc. I have finally managed to put up a dedicated FleaFPGA Uno project page. This includes links to project examples as well as the User Manual (with board schematics included). Feel free to check it out. Thanks! ;)

Thankyou to those of you who took a chance and bought my FleaFPGA Uno pre-production board. I am hopeful you will find them interesting, insightful and/or useful. :D

Going beyond the FleaFPGA Uno pre-production run: I have not yet decided what I am going to do with regard to possible mass-production of FleaFPGA Uno. Looking at all options around that currently. Assuming there is sufficient demand, I would at least consider doing a limited run of finished boards. I welcome any suggestions and/or ideas that you may have. Thanks again.


Valentin Angelovski