End of Cycle

A project log for ThermomUno

Turn a $20 Uno and LCD shield into a cheap thermometer!

Ted RussTed Russ 09/04/2015 at 00:090 Comments

Thermomuno is at the end of its cycle, I'll update the github code when I'm over this months-long flu.

Changes haven't amounted to much, I made the display routine randomly print the temperature and humidity at different heights on the screen to look a bi like a screensaver, and a "heartbeat" which is just printing an asterisk in two different colours alternately so that you know the program's doing something.

Thermo is being replaced by a newer project Kitchenduino which will monitor inside and outside air temperature and log that to a laptop, air pressure, two fire/flame sensors (as it's near both the wood fired heater and the stove) and movement, and will flash a few Neopixels and control the kitchen's LED lighting via a Darlington array and relays depending on time of day and movement.

Thermonuno's hardware will become something else, never fear.