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CaptMcAllisterCaptMcAllister 11/15/2015 at 15:580 Comments

November 15, 2015: I road tested the tire yesterday. A short 12 mile ride along my typical route - I didn't go easy on the tire. Just normal riding conditions.

The first thing I (didn't) notice was the ride. There was no difference in the ride quality. Some have asked me if the huge patch was going to create a wobble or a bounce in the tire. I didn't notice that at all. I think 100 psi forced the patch smooth up against the inside of the tire. The tire itself also has a lot more structural integrity than the tube.

Second, even with pressure on it, I noticed no leaking. The tire came back with the same pressure it went out with.

Finally, and most importantly, the pressure sensor worked at the end of the ride. The RFID still reported the pressure very accurately at the end of the ride. It was a very successful road test. I'm running out of weather to do any more testing this year, but so far it's a good sign. I think I can make it much more durable too, so that will be a focus over the winter.