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A project log for Mk 16 Capital Ship MDM

A an interactive scale model of a MK 16 Multi Drive Missile from the Honor Harrington Universe.

Cordova LabsCordova Labs 04/13/2014 at 18:540 Comments

Morning update: April 13, 89 PD

After a long night of fighting with 123D make and my 3d printer, we have our first put together. To see very bad pictures of the Main Power/Data Bus (MPDB) look at step 2 of the instructions. After getting put together, I realized I do not want to get stopped by a member of law enforcement with that on my person, many questions will be asked. 

Today's plan is to get the parts put together for the the Fusion Reactor so that I can hand off this part of the project to CatatonicMan, so that he can start adding the electronics.

If all goes to plan I will start working on the hack to trigger the camera flash in the warhead late this evening.