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A project log for Mk 16 Capital Ship MDM

A an interactive scale model of a MK 16 Multi Drive Missile from the Honor Harrington Universe.

Cordova LabsCordova Labs 04/20/2014 at 21:580 Comments

Mid-day update: April 20, 89 PD

While over 75% of the internal parts are finished printing, but there is still too much to do. We have started wiring up the reactor with LEDs but it is slow going (25% done). We have not even started on the code to drive the lights or any interface stuff. This is starting to feel like my senor design project all over again; work every minute you can and then when it is a week before it is due, time for no sleep.


- order: plastic for impeller ring and Laserhead Telemetry Array; flex tubbing; caffeine 

- Finish the Impeller drive today

- Finish nuke today

- Start RCS ports today

Other notes:

Not everything that can be drawn can be built (words to live by). I have cut the number of nodes per ring from 8 to 6 because there is no way to get 8 properly scaled Impeller drives in both the stage 1 and stage 2 rings. I may redesign the drivers at a later date to do an 8 node design.