CANbus Data is Streaming!...

A project log for CANcrusher Car Hack / Development Platform

CANcrusher is an Open Source CANbus development system for hackers and developers interested in a low-cost alternative to the $$$$ systems.

davidDavid 08/21/2015 at 01:130 Comments

The software is moving along. Created some interfaces to parse the streaming USB RawHID data into CANbus messages for display in a scrolling table. Next steps is to add some different views such as capturing duplicate ARB IDs and overlaying the data on the same row to discover what data is changing and what data is staying the same. (Sneek Preview: Going to add a new feature called the "Mimic Interface" which will allow you to grab any of the existing messages, select which bits you want to set as a certain value and then the Mimic tool will grab all incoming messages with the same ID, change only the bits you want, and spit the new modified data back onto the bus immediately allowing you to mimic the ECU that is generating that message with your own custom data.)