Dec 2017

A project log for ESP 8266 Web Server

A web server to display data from ESP8266/ESP32 WiFi devices

Michael O'TooleMichael O'Toole 12/02/2017 at 16:430 Comments

I've been playing around with updating this project to better support IOT by adding some hardware such as the ESP32 modules and possibly a Raspberry Pi or similar device to host the local server.

I also want to incorporate Node-Red, Mongoose, MQTT and Mosquitto but to be honest, at this stage I am definitely suffering for information overload.

Just to reiterate,  this project uses a local server which requires a little more effort but in turn give you total control over every aspect of the project.

This approach may involve a steep learning curve for some aspects but in the end, it's the best solution... besides, you don't have to know everything, that's my job and it's proving difficult enough as there's so much information to discern.

If all goes well, you will have an image to write to you Raspberry Pi containing everything to get you up and running thereby reducing the steep learning curve considerably.

As usual the hardware end is up to you but I will supply some of the basic components including inertia sensor design to the security section of the project.

In the mean time if you have any links to appropriate information please post back...