Initial Concept

A project log for Tea Dunker STEM / STEAM Project

STEAM Project that combine multidisciplinary areas of technology to raise awareness around user centered design for aging populations.

nickcasioNickcasio 08/14/2015 at 04:580 Comments

The initial design goal was to develop a device that could dunk a tea bag in a cup for the optimum amount of tea required to brew tea. The first brain storming session yielded the following design decisions; The device had to fit on a bench top of a typical domestic kitchen and not look out of place in a home kitchen this means that materials need to be washable and wipe cleanable. Sealed woods and plastics such as acrylic and ABS were embraced for durability, availability and cost (Illustration below, [4] [5]). The device is to use standard tea bags such as Earl Grey or English Morning tea. The choice to support typical home tea and coffee cups which set the dimension of the support structure and swing arm.