June, July 2015 - A friend joins, no's from and other fun activities

A project log for Low Cost X-Ray Systems for Developing Nations

This is the result of 3,500 man-hours of labor and love, but we need your help to push it forward, HAD community

Adam MunichAdam Munich 08/15/2015 at 21:440 Comments

At the beginning of June, Tyler "Frodo" haun moved to CA with a sleeping bag, to join his long-time friend hell-bent on the mission to build cheap x-ray systems.



I don't blame him; buffalo isn't quite the hotbed for technology!

Tyler's main interests are computer programming and signal processing, and, with a doublet of engineers on this project it was time to go look for people to help make it happen.

- - Uninterested

WHO - Sounds good, come back when you have products ready

NGOs who distribute med devices - Sounds good, come back when you have products ready

Gates Foundation - No response

Sand Hill Road - "Soft No's"

Hanergy - No response



Or should I say... didn't care too much.

Is anybody out there?

At mid-July, Tyler took a job debugging code to upgrade from ramen noodles to chicken strips, and I continued polishing up some of the work we had to share with the hope of finding some sort of path forward.