September 2015 - Soft 'No's, CT Scanners, & Bootstrapping

A project log for Low Cost X-Ray Systems for Developing Nations

This is the result of 3,500 man-hours of labor and love, but we need your help to push it forward, HAD community

Adam MunichAdam Munich 09/29/2015 at 22:162 Comments

September has been a busy month. Tyler and I have moved from the east bay to San Mateo in search of more space to do our work in!

However while that was successful, this month has been filled with more rejection from potential financiers for this project. The VC world is very funny, no one ever says "no", but, instead they say "come back later", "now's not the time", or some variant thereof. Chiefly, it appears that manufacturing for most investors doesn't seem to be an exciting opportunity, and, as we add up the overhead costs it's easy to see why. For most low-ticket items, it's just barely worth it in America, and this is unlikely to change any time soon.


Given this frustrating situation, we've decided that it's worth attempting to bootstrap our work by designing an x-ray scanner usable by makers. Particularly, a desktop CT scanner! Much of this month has been spent designing this scanner, in a manner to be as affordable as possible, and, writing code to handle the cone-beam back-projection, and CV functions to interpolate the sparse-ly sampled data.



This scanner uses a simpler x-ray source, which is no more than a transformer, fancy plastic, an H bridge and ATMEGA-32. It's not yet complete however, and so, we have few useful designs to share.



However, if you'd like the partially-completed CAD models, feel free to say so!




Alex Rich wrote 09/30/2015 at 13:19 point

this is an incredible project man, thanks for sharing it.  Sucks about the VC people stringing you along, I wouldn't hold your breath.  What are you doing to address the safety concerns?  Is that ikea cabinet lined with lead or something?

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Adam Munich wrote 09/30/2015 at 16:49 point

Yes, there is an inner wooden cabinet lined with lead sheeting.

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