Complete build instructions for WatchDuino 2

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Inexpensive Open Source BLE smartwach compatible with Arduino tooling

Mar BartolomeMar Bartolome 09/13/2015 at 17:180 Comments

You may have noticed that we've added a build instructions section to the Hackaday project page just some moments ago. During the past days we've been posting bits and pieces like the schematics for the electronics, the 3D design for the case, a shopping list for the components, and just today, the release of the code for the Android companion app. With this, he puzzle is now complete with all the pieces that you need to replicate WatchDuino 2.

To make it as easy and smooth as possible, we've put together a lovely tutorial detailing the steps that will get you to a working WatchDuino on your wrist. You can find it on the Github repo, and we've also linked it from the build instructions here in Hackaday for future reference.

We still have a lot of improvements planned for WatchDuino, but since it's already in a usable state we think it will be good to get feedback and contributions for other people building and using it. The sooner the better!