1st Log- Stuff that I've already done(Continuation)

A project log for Next Generation of 3d Printing

Here I want to test how 3d printing can be improved in quality and in price

Paulo AndradePaulo Andrade 08/18/2015 at 16:580 Comments

First of all more stuff arrived:

Now I only need 4 stepper motors, their controllers and the digital caliper.

BTW for the axis movement I found these methods the best ones:

This drawer runners are amazing and defective, the soft close system doesn't work, they move 48 cm but they are heavy (I got them for free but new ones cost less than 5€). The closest one already got the soft close system broken so it is ready to work.

this system is also good but that black stuff with wheels is to heavy and I've bought cheap weak stepper motors...

To precisely level the printer I've got these kitchen cabinet foots that I'll cut later:

Please give me some feedback, this is only the printer that will print parts for the real project but it can help others to make their own 3d printers.

Some features that this 3d Printer will have:

- 48*48*48 cm print volume

- it might be fast

- the demo pellet extruder will work on it

- cheap (+-200€)

PS: If anyone is interested in joining this project let me know.
PPS: I don't remember what i was going to write here... oh and some skulls would be nice ;)