Current Status - 2015/08/17

A project log for Anglerfish for Bikes

It's dark, you're out late, and can't find your bike. Press the button on your phone or remote and the bike lights up and lures you back.

bob-baddeleyBob Baddeley 08/17/2015 at 13:480 Comments

This project is currently at Working Prototype status. The firmware works, the electronics work, the mechanicals work, and in practice it works. There are still a lot of things necessary to turn this from a project to a product. A lot of refinement and cleaning to make the parts easier to assemble, more robust (especially the transmitter), and making it easier to install.

Here's a video of the status, plus it working in a practical situation. Woo! There won't be any additional development until after Burning Man, when I can learn from it in a real environment and figure out what needs to be refined.