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A project log for A ridiculously big MIDI keyboard (121 keys)

2 x dirt-cheap Keystation 61ES = a ridiculously big MIDI keyboard !

KaeipnosKaeipnos 08/20/2015 at 19:080 Comments

That delicious moment when you cleared all this occluding plastic and you start to grasp how everything works/worked ... especially when you have removed a hundred of screws .Too bad I didn't took many relevant photos.

Keyboard 2 - Vanilla

Observe the spring mechanism, the 121 diodes and the green pcb of the µC that we will happily remove.

A 8052 variant. Notice that the decoupling capacitors are faaar away from its Vcc pin : Lack of knowledge , space constraints or evil built-in obsolescence ? Even weirder, power is fed trough a 10ohms resistor to make a strange RC filter ... am I missing something of this is a broken design ?!

Yellowish Keyboard 1 - Modded

The previous DIY alternative that uses an Atmega8 and two shift registers to scan the keys. Every generated event is sent to a serial port, acquired by the pc through a serial<>usb converter and whatever serial<>midi software.

The 2 switches per key. The last C key (right) will be removed.

So absurdly long.