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A project log for pin^2: An augmented approach to breakout boards

pin^2 is a more versatile breakout board with space for extra components

Analog TwoAnalog Two 07/21/2017 at 03:442 Comments

I felt inspired to make an 0603 version using solder pads that are bit bigger to facilitate hand soldering.

I think 0805 is the most popular in the wide field of surface mount hand soldering but having recently made boards with 0603 components I think it is necessary to stock a board for this smaller size as well.

I have concluded 0402 is a young/near-sighted person's game but don't let that stop you from taking that challenge!


Analog Two wrote 07/22/2017 at 11:09 point

OSH-P kindly upgraded me to Super Swift Service for free! Pays to design boards smaller.

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Tindie wrote 07/21/2017 at 16:41 point

Good job!

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