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A project log for Ivan the Teambuilt Robot

An e-NABLE robotics project to give hands to those without use of their hands. Designed with your help.

Les HallLes Hall 05/22/2017 at 21:010 Comments

632 people are now following this project! I had no idea there was such a following as I have been kind of living in a bubble the past few years. Well it's time to make up for lost time. I'm breathing new life in this project by repurposing Ivan to become an e-NABLE robotic actuator.

You see, there's a little girl in Boston who has hands but cannot use them. As I wrote elsewhere, my heart goes out to her and I'm planning to make Ivan become Phase 2 of her soon-to-be robotic ensemble.

Her skin is delicate, which I'm told is one of the realities of the type of injury she has from birth, so body mounted sensors are out for now. That's why I'm using my LEAP Motion Sensor to control a toy MeArm robot as Phase 1. It's a way I can get her something to work with inside of a two-week promised schedule.

Then it will take a good bit of work to 3D print, assemble, test, and revise Ivan for her use. It brings the joy of happy-tears to me; the fact that the Lord has prepared me to be able to make a difference in someone's life this way. Also others can benefit from our efforts with the magic of volunteering Makers at e-NABLE. Join me in making a big difference in a little person's life. You'll be forever rewarded.

Les out, praise the Lord