Diggin' a hole

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MW MotorsMW Motors 10/27/2015 at 17:222 Comments

This may be the lowest tech log we have ever written!.

But, we got an engineer (we call them a static), I think the proper word is probably a civil engineer.. One of us knows him. He analyzed everything & told us all we needed to know about the foundations for the windmill. We think it is absolute overkill. But, we really know nothing about this area so we just did what we were told...

First, dig a big hole.

Next, call a big cement truck.

Then level the thing off...

Then have a laugh & tell your colleague that he missed a bit !

Now, we have to wait 28 days for the cement to set!. What can I say, as a group, we have many talents!

We did skip the step of applying for planning permission. That could take a hundred years by which time our planet might be destroyed!. This is a site of convenience & I think we can convince the authorities it is a temporary structure (it will be if it falls down). Unfortunately, it is not a windy site but good enough for proof of concept.

Our Static engineer also told us we had to change the base of the windmill & the quantity of bolts we intended to use but that is easy..

More in about a month!.


MW Motors wrote 04/12/2016 at 10:16 point

Unfortunately, no time for this or any of the projects recently.. 

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Gerbenzandberg wrote 04/11/2016 at 11:56 point

How is this project comming allong? it's been a little over a month ;)

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