Sanding and Painting

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Cheap DC powered LED Grow Light design, using off the shelf components and hardware store building supplies

AVRAVR 09/13/2015 at 06:470 Comments

Thursday of this past week I got a bit more done. I sanded and painted the grow light casing (see previous log) smooth for painting, and painted it. I tried to sand it all down smooth but the caulking is tough stuff, I did the best i could before cleaning it with a dam rag for painting.

Sanding the grow light casing:

After I completed sanding and cleaning the dust off I brought the case into the garage for painting. I set up a simple table with a piece of plywood and an old card board box for painting. I painted in stages doing multiple coats over a few hours, this is so the paint doesn't drip and form drip marks all over the surface. I used rustoleom spray paint since its good on wood/plastic/metal and its cheap.

One side and end painted, with the top and other side to go.

Top and and one side painted with one coat.

Other side painted, this color is very nice the pictures really don't do it justice!

Opposite end painted with first coat.

Painting tool about three coats and I didn't even use up all the paint in the can. The first two coats were heavier than the third, overall it came out pretty good. I need to do some more painting on the inside before I install the lights. Before I was thinking of plating the inside using tin foil or with a reflective mylar space blanket, to simplify things I will be painting the inside white. The color white should be reflective enough given that almost the entirety of the inside of the case will be lined with LED strip.