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Making a CNC machine as cheaply as I can with things I have in my shed

penleekipenleeki 10/12/2015 at 20:390 Comments

I finally got the drifting problems sorted out! I added a lot of data logging to the code and spotted the switch bouncing when I ran it drawing circles over and over.

Its not terribly easy to read as I needed the data compact so I could scan through large amounts of it. What is happening though is that each step is taking anywhere from 40-130ms to complete, but then there is a point where the switch fires at 103ms 104ms 105ms after receiving an instruction to move. This means the switch is closing, but then opening and closing again within 2ms.

I added some simple code to reject any switch changes that happen too quickly to the Arduino Sketch:

    // De bouncing
lastclick_millis[axis] = millis();
Since the normal switch changes were happening at around 40ms and up, and the bounces were all 2ms and less I figured rejecting anything below 20ms was a fairly safe boundary.

Then I set my H shape test cutting, and it worked perfectly! Here it is after a quick light sand and a coat of mineral oil, with a 9v battery for scale:

Now on to getting the auto start/stop working and cutting more things!