3.3V / 1A DC-DC Buck Power Module (H03R00)

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HexabitzHexabitz 04/14/2018 at 03:160 Comments

H03R00 is a compact DC-DC buck power supply with a 3.3V/1A DC output and 5-40V DC input. The output voltage is provided through Hexabitz SMD edge-pad connectors (3.3V on top and GND on bottom). The -T module version comes with a 5.08mm terminal block connector for input voltage. This module is part of the upcoming Hexabitz modular prototyping system and can be used to power all your Hexabitz arrays as well as other hardware.

Technical Specifications

Physical Properties


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Q: How many Hexabitz modules I can power from a single H03R00?

A: Depends on type of modules connected but usually 40+ modules can be powered from a single H03R00.

Q: How can I access output voltage for non-Hexabitz hardware?

A: You can solder wires and many types of connectors to the SMD edge pads. Our favorite one is the 2-pin 2.54mm male header which fits there perfectly but other connectors are also possible.

Q: Can I combine multiple H03R00 modules on parallel to get higher current?

A: Theoretically you can do so as the edge PCB connectors are perfect to connect modules on parallel. However, be careful as sometimes small variations in output voltage might cause current to flow from one power supply to another. We will have in the future dedicated modules to handle load-sharing between power supplies!