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A project log for Pi/Arduino Prototyping

An all-in-one development platform featuring a Raspberry Pi, an Arduino, a HDMI display screen and a breadboard area.

craig-hissettCraig Hissett 05/21/2021 at 23:340 Comments

Times have changed, thanks to certain viruses and the pandemic they caused, and I find myself needing a go-to setup for tinkering at home.

I want to throw the following together:

This setup should give me more than enough scope to develop and prototype the projects I am working on now.

The Pi will be the heart of this, with all the development environments required for Arduino, python and .NET Core development.

The cluster hat opens the door to using Pi Zeros for modular expansion utilising the usb gadget modes.

The switch, and Arduino with the ethernet shield, will allow for network based prototyping (useful for some OSC applications I am working on)

The second Arduino mega can be used for serial Comms, and also connected to the other mega via I2c, for example.

The Uno is not required, but set up for convenience, really. This will make it easy to flash ATMega328 chips for projects once tested on this setup.

Finally the addition of another WiFi dongle will allow for the Pi to connect to my home WiFi and share that connection via the ethernet port to the switch.

No idea how best to put all this together at the minute. First thoughts are to mount all to standoffs on a board that fits in a box I have.