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Selfmade watch that helps You learn STM32 programming.

Peter WasilewskiPeter Wasilewski 02/27/2016 at 23:360 Comments

Hello !

I did as I promised ;) Now te watch has a 2,2 ili lcd, and so far I'm really happy with it. Though I didn't make the BGA pcb, because I found it unnecesarry - with the foto pcb making method I was albe to make the paths thinner, and so the board got smaller. I added the one button on/off feature. One thing I'm hesitateing on is the touch panel. I ordered four 2" touch panels from aliexpress, but they need quite a force to detect a touch - in contrast to the nokia one. So far I decided to use the nokia touch, but I'm going to cut it a bit.

Regarding the software - currently I'm making a app for a bike counter. Also I have to design a movable case. I want to be albe to swap it between the bike and my wrist as quickly as possible ;)

Soon I'll post some pictures showing the progress ;)

See You all !