Started Manufacturing Version 3

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The Big OneThe Big One 05/08/2014 at 03:030 Comments

Yesterday I started manufacturing version 3... this design is narrower, hopefully lighter, and looks more like an insect than the previous versions did (thanks to adamant input by Princess Sparkle).

So far I have made three legs.  The frame is now fully made from 1/8" hardboard, rather than 1/4" MDF + aluminum, which will make it less expensive and probably (a bit) lighter.  The front, middle, and rear legs now look slightly different, as well: the rear legs have some large spines, and the front ones are smaller and simpler.  (All the visual effects on the legs are purely cosmetic - the structural and functional aspects are all identical.)

Also different are the push rods - I am now using 0.035" music (spring) wire, which is much lighter than the threaded rod + nuts push rods I was using in version 2.

Each leg, including the single servo, is about 37 grams (will be 47 once the other servo is added).  This makes for 200g for the legs.  I am not yet sure how heavy the body will be, but since I will be using #6 screws for the axles + structural supports instead of 1/4" bolts, it should be a fair bit lighter than before.

These legs are cut on a scroll saw, with some minor touchup with a sander + files.  It took about 2.5 hours of work to finish them, including cutting, sanding, drilling, assembling the joint mechanisms, and cutting / bending the push rods.